My Glass Is Broken

Is the glass half empty or half full? How do you see it? Life depends on the place you stand. The angle you view from. In fact, it is never about viewing. It is where you play in. Play from.

I might not have a glass or it may

be broken. You may want to be called a writer but are you really writing? So, you are a doctor, are you really treating the sick or you are just seen around the hospital. You are a teacher, how many of your students are doing great in life?

It is one thing to be, and it is another thing to be found doing what you really say you do. The thing you ought to do. The one thing that you will be remembered for.

One day, my ink shall dry and my pen drop off, but the writings I do in the wee hours of night shall stand. I won’t be remembered as a writer for the things I left unwritten. But I will be remembered for the smiles I brought to sulky lives. The hearts I healed. The impact I left on people’s life.

If it isn’t helping anyone, stop doing it. If my writing stops functioning I will stop and move on to other life-pleasing issues. Stuff rather. (issues sounds like a boring life). Until then, I will keep forming these words, weaving baskets of life lessons, and filling oceans with wisdom.

If what you do, adds value, please keep doing it. People have hope in what you do for them and not really who you are. Your age, gender, and beliefs do not matter.

It is never late nor too early to start. To start good ventures. Good businesses and good habits. Neither is it too late to stop. Stop bad influence. Change bad habits and live a fulfilling life.

So, if your glass is empty, half, or just broken, buy another and fill it with your good deeds. Then let it flow to your guests and people around you.